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3/22/22 Video shows apparent ballot harvesting in PA

3/11/22 BREAKING: Full Video of interviews with WI Nursing home residents released for first time

3/1/22 Amistad Project reveals explosive interview with WI election clerk

1/14/22 BREAKING: Judge rejects final attempt to halt inspection of Dominion machines in PA

12/23/21 VICTORY Courts Allow Inspection of Fulton County, PA Voting Machines

12/15/21 Challenge to PA Gov Wolf’s Powers Gains Support from Businesses 

11/17/21  PA County Whistleblower: Data Regarding Thousands of Return Ballots Erased

10/28/21 County Sheriff in Wisconsin reveals evidence of felony election law violations

10/08/21 WI Special Counsel Commends City Officials for Commitment to Cooperate with Investigation of 2020 Election

8/23/21   Amistad Project Reveals Proof of Glaring Flaw in Ballot Design for CA Recall Election

8/11/21   Amistad Project Lawyers Hired to Defend PA County Election Audit

7/22/21   Amistad Project: PA Governor Wolf’s Unconstitutional Abuse of Police Powers Challenged in Third Circuit Court

7/1/21   Election integrity watchdog hails landmark SCOTUS decision on AZ elections

5/19/21   Former AG launches new podcast to inject sanity into political discourse

5/10/21   Election integrity watchdog accuses Milwaukee of wrongdoing

5/6/21   Election integrity watchdog calls on WI lawmakers to investigate ‘Wisconsin 5’

4/22/21   Election integrity watchdog files second formal complaint in WI

4/8/21   Election integrity watchdog announces formal complaint in WI

3/25/21   Election integrity watchdog applauds WI legislature’s investigation

2/18/21   Amistad Project praises Georgia Senate for advancing bill to protect absentee voting process

2/1/21   Election integrity watchdog calls out New York Times

1/5/21   State lawmakers ask Pence for more time to address election results

1/4/21   Election integrity group sues Fulton County, Georgia under new constitutional amendment

1/2/21   Election integrity group meets with legislators from contested states