3/21 Week In Review: Noncitizen Voting, ‘Zuckerbucks’ and the Move to Ranked Choice Voting

Lawmakers Aim to Purge ‘Zuckerbucks’ From Electoral Landscape

From Daily Signal: “As the Georgia General Assembly advances a bill to further restrict private money from bankrolling elections–as occurred with Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s grants in the 2020 elections–congressional Republicans are reintroducing a similar measure.”

Illegal Residents Can Now Vote in DC, Thanks to Chuck Schumer

From The Federalist: “By refusing to bring forward a bill from the municipal government of Washington, D.C., Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer effectively saw to it that ‘noncitizens’ will be allowed to vote in elections in the nation’s capital city.”

Senate Advances Bill That Could Move Minnesota Toward Ranked Choice Voting in Stats, Federal Elections

From Minn Post: “Voters in some of Minnesota’s largest cities are familiar with ranked choice voting elections, the system that since 2009 has allowed voters to rank candidates for nonpartisan local offices. Now, a bill advanced through a state Senate committee takes the first steps toward using that election system for partisan federal and state offices as well.”


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