The American Voters’ Alliance is committed to ensuring equal rights and protecting citizens’ voices at the ballot box and in the counting room. Our vote is our voice, and it must be ensured with secure and fair elections that are accountable, transparent, and inclusive. 

Where does this begin? We thought you’d never ask. It begins with YOU. We believe in inspiring you to take action regarding the voice of your community. Outsiders (bureaucratic Washington D.C.), centralizing our elections with top-down control destroys the voices of our unique communities. We and our fellow citizens must engage at all levels of elections. 

Since our founding the mission has remained the same: aiming to inspire, engage, and mobilize citizens. The American Voters’ Alliance has been called a leader in creating secure and fair elections -and we will continue to be, by meeting with and educating state legislators on issues of election law and their constitutional responsibility. 

Moving forward we have developed tools and resources, as well as educational media, to assist local election integrity groups. Our grassroots network is rapidly expanding, and we look forward to standing with YOU, for election integrity at both the state and federal level. 


Citizens have the right to know how their votes are being counted.  While a voter’s identity should be kept private, the process shouldn’t be a mystery.  Policies promoting transparency give citizens access to the voting system, further promoting accountability, inclusivity, and participation.

All voters must be given an equal access to voting opportunities without any undue burdens placed upon  them. Any tactic to suppress the vote or treat one demographic differently than another undermines the fairness of the process and suppresses the will of the people.

Government officials at all levels are accountable to the rule of law. The U.S. has three branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial. These branches create natural checks and balances of power and accountability. Our election system must operate in a system that creates accountability around government officials, so the voices of its citizens are protected.

Our election system functions best with active and engaged citizens participating in all levels of the process, from casting a ballot and working at a precinct, to observing the process and asking questions. A strong and healthy election system is one that has high grassroots participation and withstands the highest level of scrutiny.

Voting doesn’t have to be complicated – one citizen, one vote.  As technology increases and urban centers increase, it can be easy to overcomplicate the system.  However, the simple principles of the voting process remain the same.  Simplifying the system, while maintaining security standards, further promotes transparency, inclusivity, accountability, and participation.

Help Protect the American Vote