3/14 Week In Review: GOP States as a Model for Election Integrity

GOP Showcases States With Added Voter ID Laws as Model for Country

From Roll Call: “Republicans are highlighting states that have tightened voting laws — especially with added voter identification requirements — like Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Ohio as models to increase election integrity, drawing a fight with Democrats over what constitutes a successful election. “

GOP State Officials at U.S. House Hearing Push Back Against Federal Election Oversight

From Nebraska Examiner: Republican election officials from Florida, Ohio and Louisiana on Friday detailed to lawmakers on a U.S. House Administration panel the success of their states’ handling of the 2022 midterm elections, and said they can run their own elections without federal intervention.

The chair of the Elections Subcommittee, Florida GOP freshman Rep. Laurel Lee, said the purpose of the hearing was to learn the best practices states are using and to make those practices available for other states to follow.”

A Bill to Purge Voter Rolls Moves Closer to Final Passage in the Mississippi Legislature

From The Northside Sun:HB 1310 has passed in the Mississippi Legislature allowing persons to be removed from the voter rolls if they do not participate or update their voter registration within a four-year period, or two consecutive general federal elections.

The intent of the bill is said to “clean up voter rolls.”

On the Senate floor, Senator Jeff Tate (R) defended the bill, saying they have had increased reports of deceased individuals’ names showing up on voter rolls. He said that led to concerns over voter fraud.”


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