3/28 Week In Review: More Ranked-Choice Voting and Voting Rights for those in Jail?

South Dakota Bans Ranked-Choice Voting In Elections, And Idaho Could Be Next

From The Federalist: On Tuesday, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem signed SB 55, which stipulates that the state’s board of elections “may not authorize” and political subdivisions “may not adopt or enforce” in any manner “a rule, resolution, charter provision, or ordinance establishing” a ranked-choice voting system. The bill received overwhelming support in the state’s House of Representatives (63-5) and Senate (31-4).”

Zuckerbucks Redux: Social Media Mogul Funds Recruitment of Progressives to Administer Elections

From Just The News: “Voters in some of Minnesota’s largest cities are familiar with ranked choice voting elections, the system that since 2009 has allowed voters to rank candidates for nonpartisan local offices. Now, a bill advanced through a state Senate committee takes the first steps toward using that election system for partisan federal and state offices as well.”

Citizen Activists ‘Weaponized’ Transparency, US Election Commissioner Testifies

From Daily Signal: “Testifying to a congressional panel, a federal election official referred Thursday to citizens who seek public records as a “weaponization” targeting election workers. The subject of the hearing by the House Administration subcommittee on elections was election observers, activists whom Democrats and the corporate media have criticized heavily in recent years as threats to democracy.”


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