3/7 Week In Reviw: Three More States Leave ERIC

Georgia Senate Passes Bill To Close Sneaky ‘Zuckbucks 2.0’ Loopholes

“The Georgia Senate passed a bill on Thursday that seeks to prohibit local election offices from working around state law to use any kind of private funding to conduct elections. Known as SB 222, the measure stipulates that all “costs and expenses related to conducting primaries, elections, runoffs, or other undertakings authorized or required by [state law] shall be paid from lawfully appropriated public funds.”

Florida, Missouri, and Virginia Announce Withdrawl From ERIC

“The Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, is a multi-state partnership that experts across the political spectrum say is the only reliable, secure way for states to share voter registration data with each other. But on Monday, three Republican-led states announced they are pulling out of ERIC — leaving questions about the future of a system that up until recently was a bipartisan success story, as well as questions about how these three states will maintain accurate voter lists without such a resource.”

Washington State Registered ‘many’ Foreign Nationals to Vote in Recent Elections

“Washington state’s Department of Licensing has received multiple reports of foreign nationals getting automatically registered to vote in recent elections, according to emails. House Bill 2595, a bill that automatically registers people to vote when they are issued a driver’s license or renew an existing license if they provide a signature and are offered the chance to decline voter registration, went into effect in July 2018. Later that year, both the state’s Department of Licensing and the Secretary of State’s Office began receiving complaints of foreign voter registration”


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