Phill Kline: “7 Things We’ve Learned About the 2020 Elections”

“The United States Agency for International Development, which monitors foreign elections to ensure fairness and accuracy, asserts that proper elections require “transparency, inclusiveness, and accountability.”

The 2020 election in the United States, however, remains one of the least transparent, inclusive, and accountable contests in our nation’s history.  And unfortunately, due to prevailing political headwinds, it will likely remain so because election officials are refusing to be held accountable and answer basic, reasonable questions.

Instead, those responsible for managing our elections, along with their allies, are responding with a narrative that questions are bad and the election system is beyond reproach.

It is this response that is undermining faith in our democratic institutions, not the questions. Worse yet, many public officials are threatening sanctions and prosecution against those who reasonably challenge the lawlessness with which some elections were managed.

As a nation, it is now time to discuss whether the unprecedented management of the 2020 election reflects wise policy moving forward.”

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