“Majority of Michigan voters favor increased voter security, new poll finds”

An overwhelming majority of Michigan voters are in favor of increased election security, including measures requiring photo identification to vote, a recent poll by the Remington Research Group found. 

The poll, commissioned by Americans for Citizen Voting, surveyed 1,011 likely 2022 General Election Michigan voters. Among results, it found more than 75% of participants supported a requirement to show a government-issued photo ID in order to vote, while support among Black residents was even higher at 79%. 

“A majority of African Americans in Michigan support voter ID because they understand it is the surest way to validate a voter’s identification,” Christopher Arps, president of Americans for Citizen Voting, said in the release. “People who look like me know how important the vote is, and we want to protect it.”

Results from the poll likewise indicate overwhelming support for the Secure MI Vote ballot initiative, offering several election security provisions and underscoring the necessity for an official ID photo to vote.

“The people of Michigan have a right to decide their own election rules and processes,” Arps added. “Unfortunately, just today the U.S. House of Representatives passed so-called voting rights legislation that would block the clear will of Michigan voters and those in other states. And the Senate threatens to change its rules to pass this slap at voters.”

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