“BREAKING: Judge rejects final attempt to halt inspection of Dominion machines in PA”

“Harrisburg, Pennsylvania/January 14, 2022 — The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania struck down a last-minute attempt by the Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to prevent State Senate investigators from inspecting Dominion voting machines owned by Fulton County, Pennsylvania. The Amistad Project represented Fulton County in the case. 

 The ruling resoundingly rejected the arguments made against the inspection, saying the logic behind them “is so strained as to be virtually inapplicable.” The court then dismissed the motion as “improvidently filed.” 

 “The judge clearly understood the issues, and made the correct decision,” said Amistad Project attorney Tom King. “The work of the Senate committee is extremely important, and the commissioners of Fulton County are only too glad to cooperate with the request of the Senate to do the inspection.”  “

Read the full press release here at The Amistad Project.