The Carter Center is Given Access to Join the Review in Fulton County

As of October 14, 2022 The Carter Center was given unprecedented access to the Fulton County election. The approval came from the Secretary of State as well as the Fulton County Board of Elections and will last for 60 days ending on December 15, 2022.

To give some context, following the 2020 election there were numerous claims of issues throughout the election process. However, 2020 was not the only year Fulton County had seen issues. With the county continuing to fail its voters, the state stepped in and the Georgia State Elections Board appointed a bipartisan 3-person panel to review the Fulton County Elections Board.

This review will consists of thorough investigations and oversight spanning over the course of several months. The findings of the review will be sent to the Secretary of States’ office for any changes to be made.

The Carter Center is a nonpartisan. nongovernment organization that will place nonpartisan election observers into Fulton County to observe the election process and report its findings back to the review panel.

In a letter to the Georgia Board of Elections, AVA is requesting that if The Carter Center is being invited to observe the election process that ourselves, and any other nonpartisan nongovernment organization be able to do the same in an effort to promote transparency within the process.

We ask that you join us in promoting transparency by signing our open letter to the board.