Sign Our Open Letter

to Georgia Board of Elections

The American Voters’ Alliance works to involve citizens in local elections in order to promote accountability, transparency, and inclusion. Recently the Carter Center has been invited to participate in reviewing the Fulton County election process by the review board and the Fulton County Board of elections. We are requesting that we, and any other qualified non-partisan elections group, be able to join the Carter Center as non-partisan election observers in order to further promote transparency in the review process.

October 31, 2022
State Elections Board
214 State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334

Re: Election Integrity Act of 2021
Dear Georgia State Board of Elections:
I am writing in my capacity as the Founder and Director of the American Voters’ Alliance, a non-partisan, non-profit organization committed to ensuring equal rights and protecting each citizens right to a fair, transparent, inclusive, and secure election. The American Voters’ Alliance is working in collaboration with The Frederick Douglas Foundation, on the Fannie Lou Project to further accessible, responsive and accountable government, and promote citizen involvement with government and the election process in inner city and minority communities.  

It is my understanding that pursuant to section 21-2-107 of the Election Integrity Act of 2021, the State Elections Board (hereinafter referred to as Election Board”) appointed an independent Performance Review Board (hereinafter referred to as Review Board”) to make a thorough and complete investigation of the actions of the Fulton County Board of Elections and its election officials regarding the technical competency in the maintenance and operation of election equipment, proper administration and oversight of registration and elections, and compliance with state law and regulations. Further, it is my understanding that the Review Board has indicated that it will work with and utilize the assistance of The Carter Center to help complete the Review Boards investigation and Report. To my knowledge, no other organization has requested or, been permitted to participate in the Review Boards investigation and/or the drafting of the Review Boards Report. 
I respectfully requested that the Review Board provide the American Voters’ Alliance, and other similar organizations, if requested, with the same access and right of participate in the Review Boards investigation and Report as The Carter Center. I strongly believe that the selection of a single organization to the exclusion of numerous other qualified and committed organizations does a tremendous disservice to election integrity and transparency in our election process. 

In addition, the American Voters’ Alliance believes that truly substantive election integrity and transparency efforts requires the participation of both non-partisan and partisan organizations. 

Allowing members of the major political parties is a long-standing and tested method of preventing election mismanagement, disparate treatment, and fraud.  As such, the exclusion of partisan political parties and their representatives from the process harms election inclusiveness and diminishes faith in election management.  Accordingly, please do not consider our request to broaden involvement as a call for diminishing partisan involvement – quite the opposite, partisan observation needs to be supported and encouraged.

We, therefore, respectfully request you consider broadening involvement in your efforts to include additional organizations, and to also ensure equal and fair access and involvement of party representatives. 

Thank you in advance for your time and attention to our request. We look forward to receiving your response.    
Very truly yours,

Jacqueline Timmer
American Voters’ Alliance
cc:  Performance Review Board, Fulton County Board of Elections