Investigations of 2020 ballot mischief gain momentum in Georgia, Wisconsin

“Georgia and Wisconsin are advancing probes into accusations of widespread illegal ballot harvesting in the 2020 presidential election, digging deeper into voter fraud claims more than a year after President Biden took office.

The investigations are examining reports of payments to people who collected ballots, “mules” dropping multiple ballots at different drop boxes, coercion of voters at nursing homes to hand over ballots and bribery of local election officials to boost Democratic turnout.

Georgia election officials ramped up an investigation of ballot harvesting — when a third party collects and submits a voter’s ballot — by authorizing subpoenas to carry out their probe.

Election board investigators will use the subpoena to try to gain an interview with an anonymous witness who said he was paid $10 for each ballot he delivered to various drop boxes. That would violate a Georgia law that allows only a voter or close relative to submit a ballot.”

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