Arizona Senate will vote on bill to eliminate use of unmonitored ballot boxes

“The GOP-led Arizona state Senate is consider a measure that aims to eliminate the weakest link in the chain of custody for voting ballots.

If passed, the measure would eliminate the use of unmonitored ballot boxes during election cycles, the bill’s primary sponsor says.

The measure passed the state’s Republican-led House earlier this month and appears likely to pass the state Senate.

State GOP Rep. Jake Hoffman, who introduced the bill, says the its passage would effectively end “the weakest link in the chain of custody” for voters’ ballots.

Though the bill if enacted would rid the voting system of the use of unmonitored drop boxes for ballot collection, USPS mailboxes used for mail-in voting would exempt. 

“This bill doesn’t prohibit ballot drop boxes as long as they are staff monitored. As long as they have someone there, we have existing laws in place regarding and governing the dropping off of early ballots,” said Hoffman after introducing the bill in January.

The bill passed the House mostly along party lines. It then passed out of Senate Government Committee and is now awaiting a final vote on the floor. “

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