Justice Roggensack Slams Colleagues in WI Supreme Court for Refusing to Hear Legal Argument on Election Lawsuit

The Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected on Friday one of the latest election lawsuits, claiming the legal arguments presented were not “cleanly presented.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that businessman Jeré Fabick had sued election officials in an attempt to prevent the potentially illegal act of filling addresses of witnesses on incomplete absentee ballots.

In the dissent, Justice Patience Roggensack slammed the court for taking the easy way out and not addressing the legal questions brought forth by the lawsuit.

“Are these (election) procedures lawful or contrary to Wisconsin statutes? The public deserves an answer, and it is the institutional obligation of this court to provide that answer,” she wrote.

The American Voter’s Alliance believes that courts must be willing to answer these questions. The U.S. saw how in the 2020 presidential election, courts refused to hear legal arguments on election irregularities.

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