“Zuckerbucks 2.0” Hitting Milwaukee 2022

We predicted this would happen following Biden’s Executive order and we are now seeing it happen in a highly contentious race in the swing city of Milwaukee – a city where Zuckerbucks were used to advance one party over another.

To fill in the gaps and give you some insight – Through an open records request it was found through emails and text messages that the mayors office was coordinating a get-out-the-vote effort with a long-time known democrat party operative by the name of Sachin Chheda. Essentially the information showed that Sachin was instructing the mayors office on how to frame the ‘Milwaukee Votes 2022’ initiative, as well as how to answer questions from the press.

In the released communications, Sachin also informs the mayors office that they have been approved for a $1 million dollar grant from The Center for Secure and Modern Elections (CSME) which has close ties to the leftist nonprofit Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL). Reminder: CTCL was the primary nonprofit that Zuckerberg funneled his millions through in 2020.

With the information available, it is fair to say that what is happening in Milwaukee is not far from what we saw in 2020 with nonprofit network involvement. In a press statement regarding the allegations of partisan involvement, the mayors office was instructed by Sachin to say “There are nonprofit, nonpartisan groups who are canvassing door to door, funded entirely by civic-minded philanthropists, to encourage Milwaukeeans to vote. The city is neither funding nor receiving funds to canvass, and the mayor is voicing his support for the city’s partnership with these nonprofit, nonpartisan groups who are mobilizing voters”. And while that is what one side is saying, those on the other side of the aisle are alleging that government resources are being used to assist democrat aligned groups in their GOTV efforts. Not only would this be favoring one demographic of voters over another but also would go against Milwaukee’s “Political Activity Policy”.

We have seen this before. This GOTV effort is not the government’s role and they are using their authority and access to sensitive voter information in a partisan and unaccountable way through these public private partnerships.  Last Wednesday the Republican Party of Wisconsin filed  a lawsuit against the ‘Milwaukee Votes 2022’ initiative. In a statement RPW Executive Director Mark Jefferson said “Government’s role in elections must be to ensure fairness and transparency, not to benefit one party at the expense of another, and we will aggressively fight to ensure that election laws are followed,”. We stand by the RPW in this statement.

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