Tom Breth

VIDEO: Amistad Counsel Tom Breth Details Fulton County, PA Audit, Wisconsin’s Election Integrity, and Amistad Project’s Work

Special counsel to the Amistad Project Tom Breth of Pennsylvania joined OAN’s The Real Story with Natalie Harp to speak about election integrity efforts in Wisconsin and how Governor Tony Evers vetoed numerous election integrity bills that were falsely labeled as efforts to “make it harder” for Wisconsinites to vote.

The voted bills would have banned ballot harvesting, limited the abuse of the indefinitely confined, and cleaned the voter rolls. The Amistad Project—a multi-state election integrity watchdog—, with the help of the American Voters’ Alliance, has been heavily involved in fighting for election integrity in the great state of Pennsylvania, where the new Democratic Secretary of State has threatened withholding funds from counties that contract third-parties to hold electoral audits.

The Amistad Project was retained by Fulton County, PA to defend the county in their efforts to perform forensic audits of their voting machines. “The board of elections has control of voting machines,” said Breth, highlighting that the Wolf administration in addition to the Secretary of State has no power to issue such threats.

Phill Kline, Director of the Amistad Project, highlighted on August 10 that his organization has been investigating the 2020 election “since BEFORE the first ballots were even cast,” and claimed that “audits have been confirming” that Amistad is in the “right places.”

Watch the insightful interview below to learn more about these bills, the Amistad Project, and new efforts to secure election integrity.

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