Michael Gableman

The Hill: ‘Wisconsin House Speaker Signs Subpoenas in Election Audit’

“Wisconsin state House Speaker Robin Vos (R) signed off on the first subpoenas in an election audit in the state, the latest sign the controversial review of the 2020 race is escalating.

Vos put out a statement Friday morning saying that the subpoenas were being filed as part of the GOP-led investigation being helmed by former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, who had previously visited the site of the Arizona election audit. Gableman had already warned he could issue subpoenas to election officials who refuse to comply with his requests for information.

‘Ensuring the 2020 election was conducted fairly and legally is critically important to maintaining faith in our election system,’ Vos said. ‘Justice Gableman is dedicated to finding the truth and has determined subpoenas are necessary to move forward in his investigation. Assembly Republicans will continue to work with Justice Gableman to ensure confidence is fully restored in our elections.'”

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