The Breakdown of America’s Rule of Law

Will America lose its freedom?

When it comes to our “brave new world”, the devil is in the details. 

Working in the election space I’ve witnessed firsthand the breakdown in the rule of law through trivial technicalities and suspect nuance.

In Detroit Michigan, there was a legal debate regarding poll worker parity.  Michigan law requires both a Republican and a Democrat to be present in the place of the counting as an election integrity safeguard.  The left argued that in the case of the 2020 presidential election, the law was followed because there was a republican in the “place” of the counting, namely a stadium the size of two football fields.  A single republican was used to signing off on over 124 precinct tables where ballot curing was taking place; there was, however, a democrat at each of those tables.  They showed no concern that the intent of the law was for the partisan observer to witness the actual handling of the ballots or that other legitimate partisan observers had been locked out of the arena. The intent of the law was thwarted entirely by boiling it down and separating the language from its intended purpose.

Likewise, in Wisconsin, a left-leaning board member of the Wisconsin Elections Commission similarly argued that drop boxes were legal because the statute declaring that absentee ballots should be given “in person” to the “election clerk” was ambiguous.  According to this individual’s flawed legal interpretation, there was no way of discerning whether the “election clerk” in the code referred to the official person or an inanimate object, such as a drop box set up in the clerk’s stead.

We have degraded our jurisprudence by making law and truth a tool for our own utility.  Our postmodern humanism can afford no room for a transcendent reality beyond our own manipulative powers, and in such arrogance, we have lost the rule of law.  Law cannot be applied consistently if there is no transcendent purpose. 

And so, the saga continues with the Biden documents.  Many of us have already spoken and observed the two-tier legal system that has emerged from the weaponized administrative state.  Consolidated power and overly complex regulation always led to inconsistent enforcement. 

However, as far as I have seen, only Former Attorney General Phill Kline has identified the devilish details – the scope of the investigation.  General Kline has noted that Garland’s given scope for the Trump investigation is vast, allowing for an investigation into the entire Trump network.  Whereas, Garland has separated the information on the Hunter Biden laptop from the classified documents found at the PennBiden center by dictating a narrow scope of the investigation, despite numerous indicators the two are intimately connected. 

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