Amistad’s Phill Kline Reacts to Supreme Court Decision Upholding Election Integrity Laws in Arizona

Director of the Amistad Project Phill Kline celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold an Arizona statute that prohibits the harvesting of ballots and a rule that throws out ballots of individuals that voted in wrong precincts.

Kline said that this is a “major defeat of the left’s lie that stopping ballot harvesting and refusal to allow the national takeover of elections is voter suppression.”

The Amistad Project has been pushing for election reforms since 2019. The Project, as Kline says, believes that the harvesting of ballots is a “violation of state law.” Today’s decision supports the Amistad Project’s theory that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spent millions of dollars in an effort to unlawfully benefit Joe Biden by violating equal protection and treating voters differently.

“We will press forward on our lawsuits,” wrote Phill Kline via Twitter.

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