TVS: Lawsuit Filed Against Fairfax County over Absentee and Mail-In Ballots

“An election integrity group has filed a lawsuit and motion for an injunction against members of the Fairfax County Board of Elections and the Fairfax County General Registrar.

“The case is brought on behalf of the Virginia Institute for Public Policy, a local organization that promotes election integrity,” the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) said in a press release. “The lawsuit explains that Fairfax County is violating Virginia law by accepting and approving applications for absentee and mail-in ballots that do not include the last four digits of the applicant’s Social Security number, as required under Virginia statues [sic].”

Early voting began in Virginia on September 18, and Election Day is November 2, raising the question of whether this issue will be resolved before Election Day.”

Read the full article here at The Virginia Star.