JTN: “North Carolina governor vetoes bill blocking private funding of elections”

“Gov. Roy Cooper has vetoed a bill that would have banned private funding of elections administration in North Carolina.

Senate Bill 725 would have prohibited state and county boards of elections and county boards of commissioners from accepting private contributions to conduct elections or hire temporary employees. Cooper said outside funding is crucial for election operations.

“Elections are fundamental to our democracy and in 2020, grants from nonpartisan nonprofits were needed for necessities such as masks, single-use pens and other protective equipment, so voters stayed safe during the pandemic,” Cooper said in a statement. “The legislature should start properly funding elections boards to ensure accessible, safe, and secure elections every time, which would end the need for grants.”

The bill cleared the Senate, 46-27, and the House, 63-48, last month. Democrats strongly opposed the measure in both chambers.”


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