“‘It’s a Felony:’ A New Lawsuit, with Video Evidence, Alleges Delaware County, Pennsylvania Election Officials Destroyed Voting Records”

“A lawsuit alleging multiple violations of federal and state election laws, as well as Pennsylvania’s “Right to Know” statute, was filed in Delaware County Court of Pennsylvania Wednesday night, according to sources familiar with the litigation.

The suit (case number: 187701637235922978) was brought by plaintiffs Gregory Stenstrom, Leah Hoopes and Ruth Morin. Stenstrom, a 2020 Republican poll watcher, has been outspoken in recent months regarding alleged irregularities in ballot canvassing in Delaware County. Defendants include election officials Marilyn Heider and James Ziegelhoffer as well as Delaware County, the Delaware County Board of Elections and the Delaware County Bureau of Elections.

In early 2021, a whistleblower working for the Delaware County Bureau of Elections began inquiring why it was apparent to her that multiple documents pertaining to the Nov. 3, 2020 elections were being destroyed in the southeastern Pennsylvania county, the sources said. The name of the whistleblower has not yet been made public.”


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