Merick Garland sues Georgia

National Review: Georgia Punches Back in Spirited Motion to Dismiss DOJ Election Integrity Lawsuit

“The state of Georgia has filed a motion to dismiss the Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuit aimed at its new, much-maligned election integrity law, S.B. 202, calling the legal action ‘a politicized intrusion into the State of Georgia’s constitutional authority to regulate the ‘time, place, and manner’ of its election.’

Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger concurred, saying in a Friday interview with National Review that ‘the left’ had an ‘agenda’ that they were going to push regardless of what the state’s legislature did.

‘No matter what was passed, they were going to be against it and the DOJ just, in effect parroted what was already out there with the misinformation, the disinformation,” he asserted. “What you saw is that Stacey Abrams and her allies, two weeks before the bill was even passed bought ‘Jim Crow 2.0,’ and they hadn’t even finalized what the reading of the bill was.'”

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