Georgia Hitting New Records with Early Voter Turnout

In the spring of 2021 Georgia passed a the “Election Integrity Act of 2021” (SB 202) which would bring many changes to the state’s election law increasing security. Many left-leaning groups and individuals opposed to these new laws claimed they would limit access and suppress the vote of minorities. Some even refer to SB 202 as “Georgia’s anti-voter law”.

Here are a few aspects of Georgia’s new election laws in place:

            -Voters can request a ballot as early as 77 days before the election (previously 180 days)

            -Absentee ballots must be returned 2 Fridays before the election (one week earlier than before)

            -New Voter ID rules with absentee ballots

            -Absentee ballots printed on special security paper, includes a security ID

            -Secure ballot drop boxes only accessible during early voting days and hours (not 24/7)

            -No third-party funding specific counties

The narrative when it comes to elections has continued to be a juxtaposition of access and security. Which is why many on the side of opposition claim that these laws promoting security are simultaneously limiting access for voters. But what the narrative has wrongly claimed is that these two are mutually exclusive. Increasing security in an election does not also mean limiting voter access.

Currently the facts are on the side of election integrity as Georgia has began its early voting in person and is seeing record numbers in voter turnout across the board. Yet, democratic candidate Stacey Abrams is still quoted saying that “turnout does not dispel voter suppression”. It should also be noted that in addition to record numbers in turnout overall, Georgia is also seeing an increase in minority voter turnout. The narrative is crumbling.

One thing can be concluded from what we are seeing in Georgia. When people have faith in their elections, they show up!

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