Georgia finds more than 2,000 suspected foreigners trying to get on state’s voter rolls

“An audit by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has identified more than 2,000 suspected foreigners who tried to register to vote in the state though none reached the point of casting ballots, officials told Just the News.

The findings, set to be released this week by Raffensperger’s office, are expected to be used by the Georgia elections chief to make the case for his signature effort in 2022 to get a constitutional amendment to ban non-citizen voting.

Georgia’s audit is the second by a state in just a few weeks to detect an effort by foreigners to get into a position to cast ballots in states where non-citizen voting is illegal

An audit of Texas voter rolls released in December identified nearly 12,000 non-citizens suspected of illegally registering to vote, and county officials in Texas are now being asked to determine if any actually cast ballots.”

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