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SB 90
On May 6 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) signed Senate Bill 90 to safeguard the integrity of elections in Florida. SB90 increases transparency and strengthens the security of local and federal elections in the state. Here is a summary of what the law includes:

·       Consent Decrees. A notice must be given of proposed consent decrees to AG, Speaker, and President of Senate. (Line 177).

·       Private Funding. “This bill bans localities from accepting private funds to administer public elections.  It is stronger than language we have seen in some states like Georgia.  “No agency or state or local official responsible for conducting elections, including, but not limited to, a supervisor of elections, may solicit, accept, use, or dispose of any donation in the form of money, grants, property, or personal services from an individual or a nongovernmental entity for the purpose of funding election-related expenses or voter education, voter outreach, or registration programs. This section does not prohibit the donation and acceptance of space to be used for a polling room or an early voting site.” (Line 206)

·       Software/Infrastructure Testing. (Line 268)

·       Interagency Cooperation. The state DMV must work to report changes in addresses to local election offices (Line 363). 

·       Voter Registration Collection. If a person is collecting voter registrations, they must provide their address and all personal information. (Line 389).

·       Live Updates. each local election supervisor must provide hourly updates (Line 549).

·       Drop Box. Partisans shouldn’t be within 150 feet of a drop box (Line 709);

·       Records. ballots, forms, election materials should be retained for 22 months after election (Line 758).

·       Duplication of ballots. When duplication is necessary, every party official or candidate representative is allowed to watch and cleary be able to see the markings on the ballot when duplication is occurring. (Line 787).  A canvassing Board Member should be present. “Reasonable” objections must be noted and reviewed by the canvassing board.  I understand the reason for “reasonable” but in Detroit they wouldn’t even accept the objections/challenges as reasonable.

·       Absentee Ballot Requests. Must provide DL# or last four digits of social, or ID card # (Line 941); signature comparison; don’t send absentee ballots unless expressly requested (Line 1015).

·       Drop Boxes. Must be secure, address published, can’t be moved, emptied daily, chain of custody must be maintained, must be monitored in person, and the supervisor of elections can be fined if none of this happens. (Line 1173).

Read the full bill here.



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