Bidenbucks Face Pushback, Election Reform Needed

In March 2021 President Biden signed Executive Order 14019 to promote access to voting. This executive order instructed federal agencies to essentially become get out the vote centers. We warned that this executive order would set in place the same issues we saw in 2020 with Zuckerberg funneling millions of dollars through nonprofits. However, this time using taxpayer dollars and government agencies.

In a recent statement addressed to the 12 federal agencies involved, 9 GOP House committee ranking members wrote “Federal agencies should be focused on serving the American people by fulfilling their respective missions, not engaging in the Biden Administration’s political activities”.

When Zuckerberg funneled his millions, it was under the pretense that the money would help make voting safer during the pandemic. We know now that if that were the case we would have seen equal distribution among all municipalities but rather the funds were designated to democrat strongholds in key swing cities within key swing states. And now, we see Biden using that same tactic by pushing money through these agencies under the guise of democratic participation.

While many on one side see this is “promoting access” or “increasing voter turnout”; the other side sees this as a way for the Biden administration to use these agencies to promote access and increase turnout in only their targeted areas. *See what is happening in Milwaukee for example.

With what we are seeing, a lawsuit is possible. However, as we have said before and as Phill stated to Just the News “A lot of laws don’t have appropriate sanctions or standing,” meaning only candidates, not voter groups have standing to bring forth election lawsuits.

Our current election laws are lacking in multiple areas; remedies for when laws are violated and appropriate sanctions/ standings just to name a few. But overall our current laws are written for how elections use to be, not how they currently are and we need election reform now. Our model law addresses each of these areas where our current laws are lacking.

We ask that you take a minute to download a copy of our Model Law, contact your legislator to pass these reforms and share with your friends and family. We need to get our Model Law into the hands of as many legislators as possible to secure our elections.