Amistad Project reveals explosive interview with WI election clerk

Madison, Wisconsin/March 1, 2022 — In response to Special Counsel Michael Gableman’s testimony before Wisconsin state lawmakers today, during which he played clips of recorded interviews with Wisconsin nursing home residents and their families, The Amistad Project released video footage of the explosive interview that first tipped investigators off to the existence of voting irregularities in Wisconsin nursing homes.

The Amistad Project became aware of irregularities in Wisconsin nursing homes after Phill Kline interviewed an election clerk on September 27. In that interview, Linda Sinkula indicated that she had concerns that it “wouldn’t be a fair election” due to the influence of private funding, and stated that one of her colleagues “knew how the outcome was going to come in November” after learning that people came in and systematically registered residents and apparently voted for residents who do not normally vote. Under state law, Special Voting Deputies, one from each party, are required to be present to assist nursing home residents with absentee ballots.

“From that interview, Amistad continued its investigation into nursing homes, and these videos are the fruits of that investigation,” said Phill Kline, director of The Amistad Project. “It is now possible to share that original interview, which led to extensive investigations that uncovered significant evidence of wrongdoing.

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