Voter Integrity Bill Passes Georgia House on Crossover Day Deadline

“A voter integrity bill meant to provide more oversight on Election Day passed the Georgia House of Representatives just hours before its Tuesday Crossover Day deadline.

HB 1464 gives the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) jurisdiction to investigate election fraud without invitation from the Georgia Secretary of State, who oversees elections.

It also restricts nonprofit funding of elections after Facebook founder and multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg gave $420 million in grants to nonprofits during the 2020 election cycle, who then used that money for partisan political purposes that mostly favored Democrats.

The bill also implements stricter laws regarding chain-of-custody procedures for absentee ballots. The Georgia Star News has reported at great length about the thousands of chain-of-custody documents for those ballots that are still outstanding, even 17 months after the 2020 election.”

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