"The U.S. is not the world leader in fair elections"

“The U.S. is not the world leader in fair elections”

Founder and Director Jacqueline Timmer’s OP-ED is now available at The Washington Times.

“There’s quite a lot that the United States could learn from the way France conducts its elections.

France is a large, well-established democracy with nearly 50 million registered voters – more than twice as many as California, our most populous state. Yet, France is able to count its votes much faster than California and does not suffer from the complexity and lack of transparency that plague American elections and force American voters to question their trust in state and local election officials – most of whom are overseen by partisan offices.

In France, people vote the old-fashioned way. They present photo IDs and sign their names. Then they stand behind a curtain, mark their choices on a paper ballot, place the ballot in an envelope, and then place the envelope in an actual ballot box.”

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