Software CEO Arrested on Suspicion of Storing Poll Worker Data in China

A couple weeks ago, this was a conspiracy theory of the far right. Now there are charges brought by a leftwing prosecutor.

Eugene Yu, CEO of Konnech a small elections technology company was arrested by Los Angeles County officials. The District Attorney explained at a conference that Konnech had a contract with Los Angeles county which required them to store data on servers in the US, the current investigation is looking into the alleged violation of the contract by storing the data on servers in China.

Many right-wing groups have alleged that the software company stored poll worker information on servers in China. Just 24 hours prior to the New York Times publishing the arrest, NYT reporter Stuart Thompson wrote an attack piece on the claims ‘election deniers’ were making against the company. Last month Konnech claimed that the CEO and company “were the target of a ‘smear campaign’ led by ‘conspiracy theorists,’”. The company also filed a lawsuit against the nonprofit True the Vote, the group that shared they had evidence of the data being stored outside of the country. Konnech continues to claim no wrongdoing and that they have never stored customer data on servers in China.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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