AVA Founder & Director Explains Why We Need You To Join This Petition

AVA is working to gather information regarding the participation of private partisan groups in the election administration process, through submitting “FOIA” requests state wide.    Sign the petition and add the weight of “we the people” to our filings as we work to create transparency and accountability in the election process.

CA Recall Petition

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We the people of California are concerned about the participation of their part non-profits and interest groups participating in the administration of our elections process.  Therefore we are demanding, according to the California Public Records Act § 6250 et seq., an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records that regarding, related to, or referencing the Center for Tech and Civic Life, “CTCL,” the Center for Election Innovation & Research, “CEIR”, Mark Zuckerberg and/or Priscilla Chan, the Center for Civic Design, “CCD”, the National Vote at Home Institute, “NVAHI”  including, but not limited to, all contact information, contracts, emails, correspondence, documents, papers, map, digital recordings and other information stored or maintained electronically, data-processed and image-processed documents, and all other public records regardless of physical form or characteristics.