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El American: ‘Do Latinos Hold the Key to the CA Recall? An Interview with César Ybarra of FreedomWorks’

“If you went back in time a couple of years ago and told someone that a Republican might hold the keys to the governor’s office in California, you’d be laughed at. Not even the most hopeful Republican would believe you. However, after a pandemic, numerous scandals, and policies that have raised the cost of living and unemployment in California, Gavin Newsom is on the brink of losing his governorship, and local conservative radio and TV host Larry Elder can be the next governor of California.

And even if you told someone that Democrats might lose a recall in California, if you told them that Latinos would have a lot to do with that… Well, you would’ve ended in a psychiatric hospital. But according to an Emerson College poll, 54% of California Hispanics support the recall, which for some, means that they are following the same trends as in South Texas and Florida, where some heavily democrat and Latino communities have been turning red.

One of those who believe Latinos might hold the key to Newsom’s recall is César Ybarra, who is a California native, and the legislative director of FreedomWorks, a conservative advocacy group, who was kind enough to talk with us in an exclusive interview for El American.”

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