New York City Election

El American: ‘Chaos Erupts in NYC Election as Results Remain Uncertain’

“While polls closed a week ago in the race for the Democratic nomination to NYC mayor, the city is still waiting for a definitive result on who will (with almost total certainty) the next mayor of one of the most important cities in the world. After a week of vote-counting, the NYC election is too close to call.

Although Brooklyn borough president and former police officer Eric Adams surged as the leading candidate soon after the polls closed on election day, the results are far from clear, as the New York City Board of Elections has yet to release an official count of the final election results. The first-choice results (more on that later) of last week showed Eric Adams with a 9 point advantage over his closest rival Maya Wiley.

The Board has released an unofficial vote count (which it later retracted) where it details the many rank choice rounds in the election. In this quick count, Adams would beat Kathryn Garcia in the 11th round by a margin of about 16,000 votes.”

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