California Grassroots Is Not Backing Down

The most recent bipartisan recall effort to hit California was the failed attempt to recall Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon. But did it really fail? Volunteers apart of the recall campaign have filed a lawsuit for a timely review of invalidated signatures. Dirty voter rolls and careless mistakes made that lead to a high number of signatures being wrongfully invalidated. The volunteers claim a high error rate of 39% among invalidated signatures after only reviewing 2% of the 195,758.

Former District Attorney Steve Cooley said in a statement “If this guy survives the recall, shame on the [county] Board of Supervisors”.

Mark Meuser, a constitutional law expert also states “The complaint against the LA County Registrar of Voters is full of allegations that, if proven to be true, should cause every voter in Los Angeles County grave concern about the integrity of the election process. Should these allegations be proven as true in a court of law, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors should immediately fire every senior officer of the Registrar of Voters office.”

One thing we want to highlight with this is the power of grassroots mobilization. Even in a deep blue state such as California, we continue to see bipartisan support on recall efforts to oust far left-leaning progressives. The continued willingness to fight in California is admirable. Grassroots activists at the local level are crucial in creating pressure and making the changes happen that we wish to see. It starts with you.

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